Build a Docker Swarm on AWS with Ansible in 1 minute and 47 seconds

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Is it possible to build a five node (3 manager nodes, 2 worker nodes) Docker Swarm in under 2 minutes? Yes it is! Some weeks ago, Hennnig Jacobs who works at Zalando Technology, posted a Tweet where he referenced an article he wrote called “Why Kubernetes?”. This article covers another post, “Maybe You Don’t Need Kubernetes”, written by Matthias Endler who works at Trivago. There are always pros and cons for every solution, but I missed Docker Swarm in his article. And there was another thing that triggered my brain. He wrote that “[…] creating a cluster on DigitalOcean takes less than 4 minutes and is reasonably cheap ($30/month for 3 small nodes with 2 GiB and 1 CPU each).”. In addition, he wrote that at Zalando they “[…] run 100+ Kubernetes clusters […]”. … Please follow this link to read the full post on our homepage…

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