Docker: DevOps unleashed. (DevOps Gathering 2018)

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In my talk I will give you a brief description about what we are doing in the Ops department and why it is hard to manage thousands of servers with three persons although we are currently using containers based on OpenVZ. The “I have no time daemon” leads the Ops into a situation where they are working like beasts but in the end they feel like as they are trapped in quicksand. Ops are trying to escape this trap, but the harder they try, the more they will be trapped. The time consuming roll out of new servers, the management of them and the continuous pop up of new applications will lock them down. The solution to solve this situation is to use Docker. But Docker is hard to manage on-premise. You will need to have a lot of knowhow and you will have to persuade the developers where their benefits will be if they use Docker. During a short online demo I will show you how such an on-premise translation looks like in real live to unleash the power of your ops. Afterwards I will close my talk with a conclusion and lookout on what is just in front of our ship’s bow.

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